Getting close

Right now I am 18 weeks and 4 days along, with a baby doing the gymnastics in my stomach. It's been really exciting to start feeling movements more definitively. When it first started I suspected it was the baby (only because I was constantly holding my breath hoping to feel it), and now there's no doubt in anyone's mind.

Nick got to feel the kick for the first time a few days ago, last night he felt a somersault. The little one is moving around like crazy in there- usually when I'm laying down just woken up or going to sleep. With the movements more real than ever, there's no doubt that we have a little one on the way.

We get to find out the sex on the 18th, only 8 days away. I can't wait, although I can at the same time. I'm hoping for a girl, but also hoping for a boy. Caution to future mothers- if you are hoping for anything specific, you will get sorely misjudged as someone who will be disappointed in the other.

If we are going to have a boy, I will be just as happy- however we do not have a boy name picked out yet so we would have to work on that. I honestly can't wait to find out so that I can start detailing out the nursery. If it's going to be a girl we have a lot of changes to make, if it's a boy- not as many but still changes to start on.

The stomach has been a really interesting thing to see changing too. Just because I've never had much chub and now it looks as if I do- or as if I don't depending on the day. If I eat before bed my stomach looks HUGE but if I snack all day and don't eat large meals I have this funny little alien stomach that makes me laugh. I'll have to get pictures soon here.

Anyway- the only things that are going on besides that is that Nick has been applying for new jobs. We aren't quite cutting it (to say the least) on this small salary of 9.75 an hour for two people. We also don't qualify for food stamps (by 50 dollars) which we sorely need, so we either need to make more money or rely on family to feed us, which doesn't work out all the time, hehe.

Medicaid has been awesome, taking care of doctors bills (besides the stupid flu shot which they didn't tell me wasn't covered!) uh oh! But as soon as Nick's salary goes up (which we need), we will have to be praying that his insurance for whatever company hires him will cover a pregnancy this far along. His current company will not- ridiculous if you ask me.

Anyway, we leave for seattle on the 21st till the 29th to spend time with Nick's family for Christmas. He has been homesick so hopefully it will be good to be there and not make it worse when we come back :).

Dunno what else is going on right now, just trying to be strong and keep our chins up while we battle finances and everything else. God is good and will help us through this, we're going to trust and rely on him.

God bless and happy holidays:D

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