Lately :))))

It's been so crazy feeling all these changes! Now that morning sickness is a lot better, mostly gone but spiking nauseousness once or twice a day- I feel more human, but who knew there was so many side effects?

First of all, I am unfortunately turning into a werewolf, no joke, I trimmed my blonde beard with Nick's trimmers yesterday. I also have an access of hair on my stomach. I guess this is a known side effect of pregnancy, should go away after the baby gets here... Hopefully! So embarrassing. Nick wanted me to talk to his parents yesterday and tell them how my pregnancy was going, but it was right at the moment I was feeling most horrified at my hairy condition. I said "What am I going to tell them, I'm turning into a werewolf and joining the circus as a bearded lady!" I was feeling harmonal haha.

With us being as low on money as ever, ever ever, we seem to have to sell something every month, so this laptop may become victim in the following months. Hopefully my brother can hook me up with an older PC with a printer for our family computer.

Oddly, I feel content. We kind of have decided to let the credit go if we have to, sadly, but it really is in God's hands at this point. I feel strongly that I need to stop worrying and give it to Jesus every day. Very strongly, and it's been the most peaceful I've been.. since being a child! God is such a comforter.

The baby is now 14weeks6days :). The size of a lemon :). I keep holding my breath at every little bubble in my tummy, trying to see if it's the baby. May or may not have felt anything, but when I do I will definitely post!

Well, got to get to cleaning today, may need to go steal my parents supplies :D

Lots of love and Jesus all over!

-Julia and the lemondrop!


November 07 2009

Where I'm at.
Well lets see, from the person 2 and a half years ago, I definitely have found a lot of changes. I've found that prayer works- which is awesome. I've also found the love of my life, a great a difficult moment! Difficult because it wasn't as easy as the fairy tales everyone tells you, it was difficult for everyone in different ways, mostly dealing with family and a huge change.
I went from living at home to falling in love and married living in an apartment. The wedding was beautiful, fun and my parents put all their effort into helping, as did my Nick's parents. We were married May 23rd 2009.
Then, early September we found out we were pregnant! The baby is due on May 09th 2010!
We are very excited, nervous and happy. There's a lot of fears and a lot of hopes, but mostly just anticipation. Can't wait to feel the little one kick for the first time! Now I am just one day under 14 weeks along! We'll find out if we are having a little girl or a boy just before Christmas!

Morning sickness was really rough, but it's beginning to ease up quite a bit going into 2nd trimester. I lost 10 pounds, but I also ended up getting sick and then throwing up because of that too!!! So now I am starting to crave food and I haven't puked in 2 days, it's a new record!!!

Anyway, so happy to be in love with a man who loves me right back.

So happy to love God!


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